Client Testimonials

Excellent Services? Don't take our word for it, here's what our clients say about our Brisbane and Sunshine Coast accountant services 

Rob says...

Property Developer & Investor (est. 40 years).

Ascendia delivers a variety of professional outcomes when needed – for larger business and investment plans...

Our investment and business plan ideally required various professional services delivered in a coordinated and collaborative way. I mean we needed the services of a firm that could practically deliver tax accounting, super accounting, commercial law, property law - even technical bookkeeping outcomes – at the right time and place. We have found that Ascendia does deliver.

Ascendia delivered this through an action plan they documented with me - to ensure my investment plan was implemented - and then they worked with me until it was in place supporting my group at each step of the way."

Rob B.

Managing Director & Owner, Property Development & Investment Group (est. 1975)

Damian says...

Hotelier & Developer

The team at Ascendia are very supportive of my business, and are true business accountants, not just tax accountants or tax agents, they:

  • Care about and give regard to my cash flow needs.
  • Are proactive in terms of business issues, raising issues and responding to any business issues I have to deal with in a supportive and timely manner
  • Turnaround all financial reporting requirements very quickly when I need a speedy response
  • Give me reminders and support regarding business deadlines
  • Special work and ad hoc services to assist me to manage my stakeholders

– truly business accountants.

Damian G.

Owner & Operator: Hotel, Hospitality & Development Business.

Cathy & Rod say...

Management Rights & Hospitality Business

The Ascendia partners genuinely care about how we are going. They work hard for us. This translates into great service – not busy work or lip service. When you’ve been in business as long as us you can tell the difference. What we also like of course is the comprehensive service, and we have and continue to use the following:

  • Value for money residential management right trust account audits as required by the office of fair trading
  • Due diligence related services
  • Bank reporting and assistance in obtaining bank
  • Comparative business analysis
  • Investment planning
  • Obtaining Business Finance and re-Finance
  • Understanding the multiple income streams available to our business

And they make House calls.

Cathy & Rod. 

Proprietors: Management Rights & Hospitality Business

Keith says...

Leading Medical Services Provider

I have worked with Andre Cox and Sherman Jenner at what is now Ascendia since they set up the business.

I use their tax accounting and lodgment service, Tax advice services and Investment advice and management services.

The partners I deal with at Ascendia, Sherman and Andre, recognize that I am inundated with information in my professional life and so have no capacity nor tolerance for padding or irrelevant information – Ascendia doesn’t give me extraneous information, they just give me what I need to know to look after my interests.

I have found that:

  • Their work and support as provided to me is always in a timely fashion,
  • They are personally available when I need them,
  • They fit in with my busy routine.

Ascendia gives me timely, competent and complete advice at the opportune times.

Keith H.

Medical Clinic Director: Leading Medical Service Provider

Chris says...

New Information Technology Provider - Government & Large Business Supplier

The tax advisory and accounting team have been able to understnd my business - and to provide me with the accounting and reporting approach that allows me to substantiate highly tax effective and compliant outcomes for my information & communciations business. 

They are open minded and willing to learn about these types of innovative businesses and to assist with an opeator like me who operates around the world and yet resides in Australia to ensure the Australian Taxation Office also understand it as required to deliver me the optimal tax and compliance outcomes.


Successful Information & Communications Business Operator & Entrepreneur

Ryan & Martine say...

Medium Sized Construction & Engineering Group

We use the services of Ascendia because they provide the full package of services we need to enable us to concentrate on making money, winning contracts and undertaking and completing projects.

Andre, the partner who looks after our account at Ascendia, knows our business and delivers the support we need when we need it to assist us to focus on our business, to develop it and to grow it. As and when needed he brings in the relevant professional team member whether lawyer, investment manager, business consultant, tax accountant etc. and the services we need including:

  • Full bookkeeping and BAS services for all or any of our entities
  • Financial accounting and ongoing reporting for any financier or stakeholder requirements for specific projects
  • Tax planning and estimates to allow us to budget our cash flow
  • Cash flow budgeting
  • Compliance accounting and tax returns
  • Asset protection advice in conjunction with the Ascendia solicitor
  • Business Risk management including pertaining in to subcontractors, the new property register, and asset protection generally.
  • Estates arrangements fully documented for a large group of companies.

Ryan & Martine C.

Medium Sized Construction Group

Robin says...

Consulting Engineers (est. 1985)

We initially engaged Ascendia as our tax accountants - and we found that they were very good at this. We do our own book-keeping with MYOB, then hand our MYOB files over to Ascendia for analysis and preparation of tax returns.

They are fast, they make the whole process so easy and they are always available when we need accounting advice.

But we have found that Ascendia has far more to offer than simply preparing tax returns.

  • Their financial planners helped us to structure our superannuation to maximize returns and provide finance for purchase of new office premises.
  • Their legal department showed us how to clarify our legal relationships with contractors, to remain within the law regarding the provision of personal services.
  • They also provided invaluable assistance in developing a succession plan for the business.

Ascendia's combination of accountants, financial planners and lawyers creates a synergy that provides great support for a professional business like ours.

In summary, their service has been excellent and far exceeded our expectations.

Robin R.  BE, BCom, CPEng, FIE Aust, RPEQ

Founder & CEO: Engineering Consultancy

Peter says...

Residential Aged Care Specialists: High Quality but good Value

Our family has headed up a "for profit" residential aged care operation for approximately 30 years, and more recently a community care service. We have also recently expanaded to take on another residential aged care facility.

We pride ourselves on in providing a high standard of service in both areas to older Australians.

During that time we have utilised the services of three accounting groups and have found the team at Ascendia Accountants to be not only competent accountants to our Aged Care businesses but they understand our business and the industry in which we operate, which has a number of unique features.

While working with Ascendia I have found that Ascendia provides not only efficient service but also value a for money accounting and tax service, and in saying this would emphasise that they are professional.

They do not let their competitive pricing compromise their high quality of their services.

The Ascendia partners are also careful and effective in working in with the certified company auditor we use, and ensure that he gets what he needs, and we are not paying for rework as a result.

I recommend Ascendia to any Residential Aged or Community Care Operator large or small.


Peter T. Managing Director.

Residential Aged Care Centre Owner & Operator

Community Care Provider

Colin says...

International Mining Services / Cross National Supplier / Ex Pat

I have found that the accounting and tax team at Ascendia have been able to give me concise nad accurate advise about my status as someone who derives income from PNG and lives part of the time in Australia. 

They have given me excellent service such that I have referred colleagues to them who have similar service needs. 

They understand the different involvements / roles I have whether as an executive or a business proprieter and have the depth of knowledge to ensure I am meeting my obligations to the ATO and yet also obtaining every oipportunity I am entitled to. 

I recommend them if you have interests and roles overseas as well as in Australia.

Colin V.

Executive & Small Business Owner  - International  Professional Services Supplier

Deon says...

Multi Pharmacy Group

Ascendia Accountants undertakes the completion of for our Pharmacy Group the preparation of General Purpose Financial Reports and works closely with our Certified Company Auditor to facilitate the finalisation of our reprots for submisstion to ASIC each year.

I have found the Ascendia service to be value for money, but also importantly Ascendia is able to deliver on time and on budget – so:

  • I can meet my deadline to report the our Annual General Meeting with our annual financial reports
  • I can stay on budget for the cost of the financial reporting services they provide me and the Board
  • I can meet my ASIC lodgement deadline without any pressure or concerns.

The annual fixed fee in advance they provide, so as to support our Board’s budgeting process, makes doing business with Ascendia a pleasure.

The demonstrated capacity of Ascendia to work in with the certified company auditor is also not to be underappreciated. Where this is not working it can cost a service provider a lot of time and money in re-work. Ascendia have made sure this doesn’t happen to us.

Whether large or small Ascendia know the pharmacy business and I have no hesitation recommending them.


Deon L.  

Deon is CEO of Group of Pharmacies in Regional Queensland

Len & Bev say...

Centre link Report and Minimum Pension Amount Reported

The Super Accounting team at Ascendia are proactive, for instance, they take all the pain out of dealing with centre link – each year they send directly to centre link a report outlining my superannuation and investment portfolio assets and income as part of their service to me - without me even having to ask.

They also write to me each year and tell me my minimum pension amount  – so I draw the right amount out!

Len & Bev D.

Self Funded Retirees

Len was Founding Partner of medium sized General Insurance Brokerage

Mark says...

Certified Company Audit Executive - Audit Servies Provider to Government & Large Business

I use the services of Ascendia because they provide the full package of services I need to enable me to focus on a very busy role auditing large australian businesses.

Angela & Sherman who know my adn my family's situation closely and deliver the services we need at the right time in a proactive manner - allowing me the confidence to focus on my executive role. 

As and when needed they bring in the relevant professional team member whether lawyer, investment manager, business consultant, tax accountant etc. and the services I need including:

Mark H.

Certified Company Auditor, International Specialist Audit Firm

Janice says...

Super and International Rollovers & Derivatives - Super Accounting Services

I have confidence in the superannuation accounting team at ascendia because of their technical competence - which they have demonstrated over the years I have been with them.

They have been spot on with rollovers from other jurisdictions and the related tax impact. The have demonstrated competence in accounting for derivatives, and accounting for a large variety of assets and asset types.

If you need a team of accountants who know what they are doing with Superannuation – I recommend Ascendia.

Janice S.

Self Funded Retiree

Cynthia & Mike say...

Investment Accounting & Small Business Clients

The Investment Accounting team at ascendia are able to provide accurate and practically useful tax advice, in advance of entering into an investment to assist us to get the best out of the investment.

They have assisted us - in the use of direct property, bare trusts, commercial loan agreements, and commercial leasing arrangements - to allow us to make direct property superannuation investments with confidence. They continue to assist us to ensure our business investmet via our trust structures is also held in an effective manner in view of our plans.

Mike & Cynthia M.

Investors & Business Owners & Operators