Professional Fees

Fixed Fee Investment Management, Law or Accounting Quote

We are happy to provide a written fixed fee quote for the services you require - at no cost to you.

This is the best way to compare the value of our service with other providers, because the fees we quote will relate directly to the specific job(s) you require.

To receive a written fixed fee quote from us you will need to complete the online form - so we have enough information to prepare an accurate quote Fee Quote >>

If you would like a rough indication of our fees straight away - you can do that here at Fee Calculator >>

Please bear in mind the fee calculators are only provided as a rough guide to assist you to consider if it is worth obtaining a written fee quote from us.

Ascendia Fixed Fee Quote - With Our Value Guarantee

If you find a better price from a bone fide Australian provider, for the same scope od service, and demonstrate it to us in writing - we promise to beat it by at least 10%*

(You cannot resell our services, and you must use our Sunshine Coast & Brisbane accounting and tax compliance services for all your compliance requirements).

Please don't hesitate to ask us about the fees and charges associated with our accounting & bookkeeping services in Brisbane and Sunshine Coast. We think they are very good value and would be happy to discuss how you can save money by changing to our service.

Professional Rates

Our terms of engagement include our professional hourly rates.

But of course its not just what the hourly rate is - it's how quickly we can get the work done. So we recommend you get us to provide a accounting fee quote - as we know we are very efficient.

Our terms and conditions are that when you request service from us, unless we have prepared a written fixed fee quote for you our work is charged on the basis of our timesheets and the relevant hourly rate, and we only provide service on the basis that you have accepted these rates our terms and conditions as outlined for your review on this web site at Terms>>

As a guide, hourly rates are currently as follows (exclusive of GST) and may change from time to time in accordance with costs and market conditions:

Principal Accountant | $310/hour

Consultation, Advice, Advice Preparation, Review, Estimates, Professional Opinions.

Principal / Senior Accountant | $258/hour

Accounting & Tax Work

Accountant | $210/hour

Accounting & Tax Work

Accountant | $150/hour

Accounting & Tax Work

Accountant | $125/hour

Accounting & Tax Work

Accounting Administration | $125/hour

Accounting Administration

For more information on fees and charges, to request a quote or to discuss your needs, get in touch with our team of investment managers, lawyers and accountants on the Sunshine Coast & in Brisbane.