Why Choose Ascendia?

  • Multi-Profession Team...

    a better understanding of your business

  • Multi-Profession Team...

    access the full range of business services

  • Multi-Profession Team...

    your lawyer, accountant and investment adviser working together

  • Multi-Profession Team...

    advisers with full situational awareness

  • Multi-Profession Team...

    efficiencies that save you real money

Why use a Multi-Profession Team ?

The key difference between our accountants Sunshine Coast & Brisbane based, compared to your average business services, accountancy and tax advice firm is that through our access to qualified, certified professionals from the Ascendia Professional Network, we are not just representatives of a single profession.

We are representatives of the Ascendia Professional Network, which provides you with access, when prudent, to all professions relevant to matters impacting on your business and tax affairs:

  • Tax
  • Business
  • Investment
  • Financial
  • Legal

Having access to the Ascendia Professional Network means where necessary or prudent, your ascendia professional public accountants and you are able to get assistance from other qualified professionals such as commercial, property & estates lawyers, and qualified and independently ASIC licensed CFP investment managers.

This means you get from Ascendia a proactive recommendation to consider additional issues from the other professionals where our Accountants note legal or investment issues require advice.

However we are very happy to take direction from our clients at the pace that they are wanting to move - its your business and your money. Our investment managment and legal services are purely professonal operations on fee for service basis only. We do not push service, we are not salespeople and all staff are on salary. (Nor do we sell finance). 

How is the Multi - Professions Approach a better service now and over the longer term ?

As a result of this service approach, Ascendia Accountants Sunshine Coast and North Brisbane services:

  • Have deeper and broader understanding of your business or investment operation, having the daily experience of working very closely with legal and investment professionals on your operation or on others like it.
  • Are more likley to identify and advise you about any risks or perceived costs that may occur - which can be avoided with timely intervention in your operation.
  • Are more likely to identify workable solutions to any business, investment or lifestyle costs or risks, and to be able to advise on and implement these in a cost effective and predictable manner - because it has the professional network to deliver on the entirety of the solution notwithstnading its professional territory.

Why is Ascendia Accountants able to be a real Small Business Services Partner ?

Ascendia Accountants is able to act, where requested by a client, as a useful and experienced business resource - giving the benefit of its considerable commercial experience gained with many clients over the years - in most cases at no additional cost as a value added part of doing buiness with Ascendia.

We are able to do this becuase of the depth of our Principals previous commercial experience derived from collaborating with so many clients and their legal and investment advisers.

Where requested by a client, Ascendia Accountants are truly able - as a result of their unique service approach - to be a valuable small business services partner to many business and investment operators.

How Does the Ascendia approach deliver better value for money?

By using Ascendia you get 

  1. Reduced risks and reduced costs related to the risks of not getting necessary advice or expertise as circumstances and lifestages change 
  2. Greater depth and real quality of service - no surprises
  3. A bigger range of services available - for when you need them.
  4. To save money on professional services costs. 

You save money on professional services cost because you needn't coordinate the advice or documentation between different professional advisers, nor pay for one professional to brief the other, nor waste your professional service providers time and your money in having your advisers and service professionals spending as much time chasing records from you or each other.

How much experience does Ascendia have?

Ascendia Principals have a combined 75 years professional commercial, accounting and tax experience, to ensure the combination of your:

  • business, and
  • accounting, and 
  • tax approach

is the best available

Contact our Brisbane accountants or Sunshine Coast accountants to discuss your needs.