Ascendia Accountants Sunshine Coast & Brisbane - Remote Access

Of course when you are in a location remote from our Mooloolaba, Noosa or Brisbane accountant offices, or you are not able to attend our offices due to business committments, we can work with you remotely, using internet and phone facilities.

We can also still attend your premises from time to time as convenient or required - but the remote access approach allows us to work togeher any time and a lot more of the time - without relying on finding time that suits you for face to face meetings. 

How it works... it's simple: once you are a client we can:

  1. Conduct meetings by phone or Skype to discuss important matters pertaining to your work.
  2. Exchange confidential and large files and documents via your private client folder available to you via your Ascendia Client File Services Login page - which we can give you access to online once you are a client.

Ascendia Client File Service - For Accounting Clients

Accounting Client File Service

You can use the service to:

  • Retrieve your Completed Financial Reports & Tax Returns, in fact you can retrieve any report or work Ascendia Accountants prepares for you at any time without awaiting an email resposne from one of our staff during office hours.
  • Submit your Financial Records or any other documents we need you to provide us so that we can assist you. This prevents the need to zip files or battle with email inbox attachment size limits when providing us with large data files such as bookkeeping files, and it is more secure than sending email out via your email and your Internet Service Provider.
  • Retain your Financial Records in your client directory on the Client File Server.You can leave your Accounting and Financial records and documents in this location as a secure backed up storage facility - rather than having to back up your own PC or store them in the cloud with third parties as your back up in the event of a failure on your home machine.

Benefits of Client File Service

The benefit to you of the Ascendia Client File Service is that:

  1. There is no need for you to trust other organisations, such as drop box, with your financial security. You already provide us with this information, why involve more organisations and third parties in your private data than necessary?
  2. You don't need to trust that email attachments are confidential - for security reasons you may not wish to email us your records - so you can now drag and drop them into Ascendia Client File Service instead,
  3. You don't have to trust that your email ISP you use has allowed sufficient storage for large attachments and / or will back up your emails and attachments indefinitely.
  4. You don't need to make other arrangements to store and back up your financial records or reports, or the work we have prepared over the years for you - leave them on Ascendia Client File Service because we back this data up every day anyway adn you have access 24 / 7.
  5. You can access these records from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
  6. If you leave us you can simply download these records - its your data - your financial records and the reports we provide you that you havbe paid for.

Security of your Financial Data on Ascendia Client File Service

Ascendia Accountants Sunshine Coast & Brisbane take your financial identity and records security very seriously.

Ascendia Client File Serices is a service owned by Ascendia and is not on any third party servers, or in the cloud. The problem with cloud services is that the more organisations that have access to and are involved in your data, and the more jurisdictions involved (USA etc.) the less chance you have of protecting your financial privacy.

All server software and hardware used to provide the service is owned by Ascendia and retained on our office premises. All data in this service is also retained on our servers in software we own, and these are all located on our premises.

Data back ups are taken off premises each day to a secure location owned by the principal of the practice to protect against natural disaster or fire at our ofifces when we are not there, outside of office hours, and so to secure your data.

Telephone Meeting - No Client Cost

To organise a telephone meeting we just agree on a time with you, send you advisory reports via email and ask us when to call you. 

Skype Conference

We can still discuss your portfolio management and your financial requirements face-to-face generally using Skype.

Some of our customers who are not remote still use this method just to save the time and petrol of getting to our office. 

Some of clients also like to use this when they are oveseas or interstate for extended periods.

Once you've got yourself on Skype - to talk to us search your Skype contacts for 

Skype User:  ascendiaaccountants

Please organise Skype conference time / day / participants via email or phone 1300 797 858.