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Management Rights Purchasers > Due Diligence $1090 to $1590

Thursday, May 22, 2014


Discounted Due Diligence & Verification Services to Management Rights Buyers

We offer discounted initial verification report services for new Management Rights Accounting clients!

* What's the catch? Just appoint us as your ongoing accountants and tax advisers for your operation and personal affairs - and let us save you even more money with these great value services.

We are happy to provide you a fixed fee quote for these ongoing annual accounting and tax services.

Our due diligence and verification service includes analysis and investigation as required and we complete reports to CPA/CA standards. Full reports as required by major financial institutions are provided. We are on the recommended panel for major bank lending to management rights purchasers.

Just engage us to do your ongoing compliance accounting, tax work or management accounting work and our discounted rate sheet applies (refer below).

Number of Units Under Management Fixed Price*                         
Up to 10  1090
 10 - 20  1090
 20 - 30  1190
 30 - 50  1290
 50 - 70  1490
 70 - 120  1590


* This offer only available to NEW accounting and tax clients who engage Ascendia Accountants as their Accountants and Tax agents for their business / personal and associated entities current and ongoing annual tax and financial compliance requirements.